Folding Grooming Tables w/ Adjustable Legs: 2 Models


Folding Grooming Tables w/ Adjustable Legs: 2 Models

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(2 available)

Folding Grooming Table - 24" x 36" with Adjustable Legs

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  • Product ID: 72470TGF

Folding Grooming Table 24" x 42" with Adjustable Legs

  • Web ID: 1408
  • Product ID: 72470TGF2

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Avante Animal Health has available 2 sizes of foldable grooming tables with Adjustable Legs. These tables are ideal for house calls and/or competitions. The two available models are the 2470-36, and the 2430-42. Not only are these grooming tables lightweight, but they also come with an attached handle for easy carrying.


  • Model: PET-2470-36: 24" x 36"
  • Model: PET-2470-42: 24" x 42"
  • Non-skid top
  • Both models: legs adjust from 30" to 42" high
  • Sturdy lock-in place folding legs
  • Lightweight
  • Attached carrying handle for easy carrying

Available Options:

  • Variety of Grooming Posts - See Accessory List



  • Top Dimensions:
    • PET-2470-36: 24" x 36"
    • PET-2470-42: 24" x 42"

*PetLift's Grooming Tables and Posts will accomodate: Groomers Helper - The Professional Groomers #1 Choice for Pet Safety and Positioning


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Table Accessories

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2000 Clamp-on Grooming Post


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2000PO Clamp only for 2000 Grooming Post

Web ID: 1416

XTP/2000 Clamp-on Double X-tenda Grooming Post


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