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Biomedical Field Services

One Supplier for Veterinary Medical Equipment and Biomedical Services

Avante is not only a "one stop shop" for surgical and operating room equipment – we offer a wide range of outside biomedical engineering services for the products in your facility. Whether you need installation and setup, equipment repairs, preventive maintenance, safety testing or just to order parts, Avante has you covered. We have a professional team of certified engineers on staff to meet the needs of demanding medical facility environments. Our goal is excellent service at competitive rates!

Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of care is worth a pound of cure! If you follow manufacturer recommendations for maintaining your equipment not only will you save money in the long run, you will have less downtime and fewer liability issues. Let Avante help by managing the preventive maintenance of key equipment. We will set up the schedules and allow you to focus on your practice and your patients.

Installation & Setup

Beyond setting up and installing equipment purchased from Avante please consider us for any operating room setup. We know the equipment and we know the environment.

On Site Repair

We will travel to your location; do assessments, testing, and repair operating room and surgical equipment on an as needed basis.

Depot Repair

Send your equipment to our corporate repair center. We offer a high quality, low cost alternative to factory repairs and provide a fast turn solution.

Parts, Accessories, & Supplies

Avante offers a variety of component parts to keep key equipment running. You can consolidate multiple vendor accounts and still maintain functionality on specific types of equipment.

Factory New Avante Brand Equipment

Many times, refurbished equipment is no longer practical or is simply not an option. In these situations Avante offers a complete line of factory new equipment that offers a very high quality alternative to refurbished or to offerings from major medical equipment manufacturers. Avante brand equipment is extremely dependable and offers some of today's most needed features and it comes with a price tag that fits well within your budget. Do not pay for bleeding edge technology, features you will never use, or for a brand name that immediately adds critical funds to the price tag. Consider the more sensible option that more and more major medical facilities are choosing. Consider Avante.

Refurbished Equipment

Avante has been professionally refurbishing operating room and surgical equipment since 1984. Our team of engineers follows strict processes to bring currently used equipment back to manufacturer recommended specifications. Customers can save 30% to 70% by purchasing professionally refurbished equipment and still maintain consistency with equipment currently in use. Give us the opportunity to show you what we deliver in value, quality, reliability, and response times.


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