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Biomedical Services & Installation

One Supplier for Veterinary Medical Equipment Sales & Service

Anesthesia Machine Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling preventive maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Not only will preventive maintenance save you money in the long run, it will also give you more uptime and fewer liability issues at your facility. Avante Animal Health makes anesthesia machine preventive maintenance easy with a widespread service area across the Midwestern and Southeastern United States.

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Anesthesia Service Availability Map

See our map and list of states to find out if you can access our services today.

Anesthesia Vaporizer Cleaning & Calibration

Anesthesia vaporizers need regular maintenance to function at industry safety and performance standards. Avante Animal Health offers full-service cleaning and calibration, providing you with comprehensive, well-documented service you can trust.

Equipment Installation & Setup

Our biomedical technicians are ready to install and perform setup procedures for all of our equipment, allowing you to focus on business as usual. We know the equipment, and we know the environment.

Lighting Superstructure Installation

Don't run the risk of an improperly installed, incorrectly balanced surgical lighting structure! Our field services team has the expertise to install these systems efficiently, combining electrical engineering skills with surgical lighting mastery. The end result is a lighting superstructure that meets existing electrical requirements and functions the way veterinarians need them to.

Veterinary Facility Planning

As a veterinary equipment supplier with decades of experience in the industry, Avante Animal Health representatives are well-positioned to lend their expertise to veterinary facility planning. They have the experience and industry connections to help you choose the correct equipment, medical gas structure, and installation tactics to serve your practice's unique needs. We are also able to offer bundled packages of veterinary equipment that will allow your facility to save on premium products.

Medical Gas Design and Installation

In addition to offering a variety of medical gas pipeline equipment, Avante Animal Health also assists in the design and installation of medical gas delivery systems. Our staff has the expertise to design medical gas systems for new facilities, or work within existing framework to update previously installed systems.

Learn more about Medical Gas Design Equipment & Planning Services

Parts, Accessories, & Supplies

Avante Animal Health offers a variety of component parts to accompany the wide range of equipment we offer. By choosing us for your veterinary medical supplies, you can consolidate multiple vendor accounts and still maintain the functionality you need.


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