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Shipping Destinations

We currently ship domestically and internationally to most locations. Our online store is setup to provide supplies and accessories for domestic U.S. usage; however international customers can order listed products by calling (502) 244-6345. Additional shipping and handling charges will apply for internationally shipping.

Tracking Your Packages

You will receive one or more tracking numbers on a confirmation e-mail or verbally from your sales representative when your order is shipped. This tracking number can be used to check the status of your package at our shipping carriers' online stores:

Returning Damaged Merchandise

If your item(s) are damaged during shipping you can send them back to Avante to be replaced. Although we do not pay for return shipping, if you ship the item(s) back to us, Avante Animal Health will replace the item(s) and ship the item(s) to you at no charge. Avante Animal Health will employ every resource it has to ensure that your item is replaced promptly, without hassle.

Missing Merchandise

First, verify that you've received a box for each tracking number associated with your order. If all boxes have been delivered but you're still missing an item, check the packing material for small items. Please call Avante Animal Health customer service at (800) 979-6795 if you're unable to locate an item. If your order was lost, damaged, mis-delivered or tampered with while in transit, please allow 15 days before submitting your claim to allow Avante Animal Health to conduct a thorough investigation.

UPS Tips

Why was a UPS InfoNotice left?

A UPS InfoNotice was left to let you know that a package delivery or pickup was attempted. Your UPS InfoNotice contains information to help you complete the delivery or pickup. If the UPS driver was able to leave your package at an alternate location, your UPS InfoNotice indicates where the package was left (for example, your garage or back porch). If a package pickup was attempted and you were not available, your UPS InfoNotice indicates the next pickup date and time.

What is the purpose of the UPS InfoNotice barcode and barcode number?

The barcode on your UPS InfoNotice gives you easy access to your package delivery information. By entering this one number, you can track all your packages at and receive additional information regarding future delivery attempts for your packages.

To track your UPS InfoNotice on the Web, select Tracking the UPS navigation bar and enter the UPS InfoNotice number as you would a tracking number. The UPS InfoNotice number is located at the bottom of the slip, just above the barcode.

In the U.S., you can track, locate, and verify the arrival of your packages by calling (800) 833-9943.

When will my UPS package arrive?

In the U.S., your UPS package cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS Ground packages are delivered anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In Canada and Europe, your UPS Standard packages cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS Standard packages are delivered anytime Monday through Friday.

Up-to-date information about the status of your package is available in the Tracking section.

If you will not be available to receive your package(s) when UPS returns, there are several delivery options available. First, look closely at the InfoNotice to see if any instructional boxes are checked. Depending on the requirements of the shipper, you may be able to sign the back of the InfoNotice authorizing the driver to leave your package. Or, in the comments section of the note, you may write another address where the driver should take the package for delivery.

You may also submit a Delivery Change Request using the UPS Web site. Enter your 12 digit InfoNotice number on the Tracking page to begin requesting a change of delivery. You may choose the following options:

Reschedule Delivery: Reschedule a date for delivery at the original address.

Return to Shipper: Return your package to the shipper.

FedEx Tips

My FedEx tracking number is not working. What should I do?

FedEx numbers may go unused if we discover that several items can be packaged together safely. Also, packages are sometimes separated the rest of their orders and are not scanned by FedEx right away. In either case, please wait a day or two for all items in your order arrive. If they don't arrive, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you initiate the lost package process with FedEx.

FedEx has my package but they have not delivered it yet. Why?

Please contact FedEx at 1-800-GO-FEDEX to obtain further status on your package(s). The priority of delivery within the method of shipment chosen is determined by your local FedEx hub. Avante Animal Health would always like for your packages to be delivered ASAP. If FedEx is holding them, please contact FedEx.


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