7' Cage Assembly

7' Cage Assembly

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7' Cage Assembly - Option A

  • Web ID: 10993
  • Product ID: CAGE7A

7' Cage Assembly - Option A with Mobile Platform

  • Web ID: 10994
  • Product ID: CAGE7AMP

7' Cage Assembly - Option A with Stationary Platform

  • Web ID: 10995
  • Product ID: CAGE7ASP

7 Cage Assembly - Option B

  • Web ID: 10996
  • Product ID: CAGE7B

7' Cage Assembly - Option B with Mobile Platform

  • Web ID: 10997
  • Product ID: CAGE7BMP

7' Cage Assembly - Option B with Stationary Platform

  • Web ID: 10998
  • Product ID: CAGE7BSP

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Stainless steel and completely modular, each cage is manufactured individually, allowing for custom construction to meet the needs of your space.

These cages are fabricated from an exclusive 2-piece construction process, minimizing the number of welded seams. All seams are welded with precision heliarc seam welds for a durable and built-to-last cage. Constructed from the highest grade, type 304, heavy-gauge stainless steel and featuring a polished finish, this stainless steel cage assembly is built to last. Even the trim hardware (with rounded corners), screws and platforms are made of stainless steel. This makes these cages safe and easy to clean - achieving a sparkling shine finish is easy.

These cages will provide you a lifetime of service. Custom design your unit or choose from suggested configurations.


Each cage design has three options to choose from:

Standard Option: The cage will sit directly on the floor. This option is best for new builds and facilities with cages mounted into a wall or on some type of pre-existing platform. If this option is chosen and there is no space between the cage bottom and the floor, the bottom doors will not open properly.

Mobile Platform Option: A platform equipped with rolling castors is fitted to the bottom of the cage assembly to allow for easy movement of the unit.

Stationary Platform Option: A basic platform is fitted to the bottom of the cage which leaves space for the doors to open properly.

For complete specifications on cage size and layout, please choose one of the configuration options.


*Pictures may not reflect the actual cage configuration. 



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