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Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG


Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG

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Condition: Refurbished
Product Number: 64770RS

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Industry-leading performance simplifies diagnostic ECG testing

The Philips PageWriter TC70 is a state-of-the-art ECG that delivers high-quality clinical reports where and when you need them. The unit features advanced yet easy to use 1-2-3 button light directions. Rely on the unit's automated ECG report sequence and specialized Philips algorithm for accurate, industry-leading ECG interpretations.

The Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG is available refurbished through Avante Animal Health. Contact an Avante representative today for more information.


  • 15-inch high resolution touchscreen.
  • Simple, user-intuitive guided process for taking ECG readings.
  • Convenient, 3-in-1 trident lead wires to minimize tangling.
  • Mark cardiac events for later review.
  • Integrated interpretation for up to 16 leads.
  • Advanced STEMI clinical decision support tools.
  • Access previous ECG readings for immediate bedside comparisons.
  • Built-in, industry-standard 802.11 Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Automated ECG report sequence with integrated wireless transfer.


ECG Functions

  • Simultaneous Lead Acquisition: Up to 18 leads
  • Full Disclosure: Twenty minute history of all 16 leads and complete ECG report of any 10 seconds
  • Timed ECG: Support for pharma stress protocols
  • Report Storage/Transfer: Full fidelity at 500 Hz of all 10 sec for up to 16 leads in XML format (schema published)

User Interface

  • Touchscreen: 1-2-3 operation/context sensitive application/5-wire resistive touchscreen
  • Keyboard: 65 button standard full alphanumeric keyboard that supports special characters
  • Display: 15 inch TFT

Philips DXL 18-Lead ECG Algorithm

  • Interpretive statements: >600 interpretive statements with integrated pediatric analysis
  • LeadCheck: Lead placement software detects 20 different lead reversals
  • Borderline Statement Suppression: Three configurable settings
  • Reasons: Selectable explanations of all interpretive statements
  • Nomenclature: Conforms to 2007 AHA/ACC recommendations


  • Battery capacity: Typically 50 ECGs on a single charge
  • Battery recharge: 5 hours to full capacity
  • AC power: 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz VAC/Hz
  • Power consumption: 75 W max W


  • Dimensions: 40 x 33 x 16 cm (15.7 x 13 x 63 in) cm (in)
  • Weights: 13 kg/28 lb kg/lb


  • Operating Conditions (a): 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F) °C (°F)
  • Operating Conditions (b): 15% to 80% relative humidity %
  • Operating Conditions (c): Up to 4,550 m (15000 ft) m (ft)


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