Mobile Transport Unit with O2 Door


Mobile Transport Unit with O2 Door

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Mobile Transport Unit with included oxygen therapy door, to help you give additional oxygen support to patients while maintaining visibility. To purchase just the O2 door, visit Oxygen Therapy Door.


  • Mobile transport unit with included oxygen therapy door.
  • O2 therapy door facilitates oxygen support while maintaining a clear view of the patient.
  • 3/8-inch clear polycarbonate door has two adjustable vents to reduce condensation.
  • Soft, closed-cell foam allows the door to close securely.
  • Semi-disposable humidifier allows aerosols to be heated or cooled.
  • 5-inch casters and push handle for easy movement throughout your facility.
  • Cage top surface provides space for monitoring equipment, can provide extra workspace.
  • Port is provided for optional O2 meter.
  • Optional: hose and mask for direct oxygen.

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